We specialize in developing and improving asset management business processes. If you are about to enter a new market that we support, we can assist in developing your asset management desk. Alternatively, if you are already established, we can analyze your operations for improvements. We emphasize leveraging the latest technology to provide low cost and flexible solutions to managing power plants. Our experience in improving business process has resulted in increasing efficiency (reduced hours aspent on mundane tasks), reduced errors, and enhanced understanding and control of managing power plants. We also analyze communication and collaboration processes to enhance your ability to do more with less.

General Consulting

Analytical Tool Development

Software creation does not have to require a dedicated programming staff. We believe that for many applications Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic, standard on most PC installations, is a powerful solution. Excel is a tough program to beat for flexibility and ease of use. It allows a non technical analyst to easily maintain and modify functionality which is critical in a dynamic industry like power where rules change, strategies change and the ISO's change their data formats. We use this environment to build bid and decision analysis tools and simple settlements and accounting systems. We can develop new tools or enhance existing ones to streamline your workflow.

Analytical Support

We can provide additional analytical support for your operations. We can perform the time consuming data collection and preparation or take it further and provide a more detailed analysis. We have the technical capability to work quickly and efficiently as well as the business knowledge to understand what is relevent.


If you are new to a market or have new employees, we are available to educate your staff to succeed. We are also available for technical training in market interfaces and analytical tool development. If you are interested in building your own asset management system, we can help you understand the basics.

Information and Knowledge Management

Information management is proving to be an increasingly important part of any business. It is part of the reason why we created the Pharos Asset Management System. An energy company has access to terabytes of data at any given moment. Knowing what information exists, how to access it, who owns it, and its derivatives* are all important to understanding, your business and making good decisions. We can assist in setting up processes for managing your information.

Proper communication is equally important. How do you communicate and share information throughout different levels of your organization? Good decision making begins with getting the best possible information into the hands of the right people. We can implement simple strategies for improving organizational communication and collaboration.

Knowledge management is about documenting the hard-won experience your organization develops over time. It plays an important role in business continuity and risk management. What happens if you lose key individuals? How quickly would you be able to recover and fill that role? How quickly can someone new be trained and get up to speed? There are simple technological solutions to mitigate those risks. We can assist in developing processes and creating solutions for managing your knowledge.

Energy Management Services

Pharos does not provide energy managements services. We only provide advisory services to assist in the management of power plants. We can help you outsource and insource your management and also ensure you are maximizing your assets.

Energy Management Outsourcing

We have worked both directly and indirectly with several energy managers over the years. If you are looking to hire an energy manager we can help recommend and select an energy manager to meet your needs. If you already have an energy manager we can help you manage your energy manager and be a neutral party to audit and advise on the work they perform for you. We can ensure you are getting the most value out of your energy manager. Pharos AMS is an instrumental tool helping monitor your asset manager. Our clients like that we are independent and do not have a position in the market.

Energy Management Insourcing

If you are looking to take the management in-house depending on the market we can help you build your internal process and tools and train your staff to manage your portfolio. We specialize in low cost, decentralized solutions that are easy to implement and allow you to operate anytime and anywhere. If you are already managing your own assets we can audit your operations and help you improve your approach or provide a level of support that at only larger energy companies can achieve.

Services Specific to the NYISO

Not many people have the experience in the NYISO that we and our strategic partners can provide. Those with the experience are typically working for a market participant and are not available for hire. We have bring over ten years of NYISO experience in both managing power plants with challenging fuel and mitigation issues and helping other manage their assets.

Expert Witness/Forensics Consulting

Contact us if you need an expert witness to analyze historical commercial operations, bidding, and general economic analysis of a power plant operating in the NYISO.

Commercial Operations Auditing

We can provide a third party review of your commercial operations covering everything from bid strategies, processes, communications between all functional groups, the operators and management. We can also help you analyze your outside energy manager and determine how well they are performing on your behalf.

Commercial Operations Advising

Are you trying to figure out how to manage your power plants? Do you want to outsource or insource? We have made it a policy not to manage assets. Managing a portfolio of assets in the NYISO is significantly easier than most people think and does not require much in the way of personnel and systems. We can help you figure out how to manage your own assets, help you manage your energy managers who manage your assets or even help you find and select an energy manager. We have worked with several energy managers. 

Strategic Partnerships

Subject matter experts can be difficult to find, hire and depending on resources pay for. For our smaller clients who do not have resources we have strategic partnerships with other consultants available for hire. Ask us about assistance in settlements reporting and analysis, hedging and risk management. Why staff for the peak?

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