Pharos AMS is designed for the entire commercial operations team: bidding, settlements, analysis and management. It is a web application which collects a range of public and private data from the PJM, NYISO, ISO-NE, ERCOT and MISO energy markets as well as other third party websites. AMS helps validate, visualize and analyze bidding both statically and dynamically historically and in real-time. It notifies you of operational and market issues through a dashboard or one of many email alerts. AMS provides tools to quickly access and manipulate operational and settlement data in other applications like Microsoft Excel. It is the only software dedicated to the entire commercial operations team.

Pharos AMS takes the same set of credentials you use with the energy markets to download all of your relevant information in real-time. One of the immediate benefits is having an alternative portal to the market websites. There are no browser compatibility issues like there are with some of the markets. No multiple sets of credentials to manage. All of your data intuitively integrated together.

With Pharos AMS it would take you just seconds, from anywhere, with a computer or smart phone.

IT Requirements

There are no IT requirements. Just provide ISO credentials and Pharos handles the rest. Pharos AMS is accessible from any web enabled device. Pharos AMS can also provide the ability to connect to a plant's data acquisition system such as OSISoft's PI or Emerson's EDS. The only IT requirements there are managing our connection between our servers and yours. Implementation is measured in minutes for the market access and hours to days for plant connectivity.

Data Sharing

Pharos AMS is a data middleman ensuring all stakeholders such as the asset owners, asset managers, fuel and energy managers, plant management, plant operators and outside consultants have access to their relevant data both in real-time and historically.

Do you work with an energy manager or have to supervise internal energy managers? How timely and thorough are they in providing you with information? Are you able to track and validate what is being performed on your behalf? Do you have complicated data sharing arrangements where you have to provide access to some data such as awards and not others such as offers and settlements? Do you have a need to provide access to outside consultants or other third parties to your commercial data. If any of these are of concern to you Pharos AMS is an inexpensive and effortless solution.

Pharos AMS also provides virtual subaccounts in various markets such ISO-NE and NYISO. ISO-NE does not provide the ability to give someone access to just a power plant within their system. Access is all or nothing. Some energy managers manage their client's assets in their master account. Pharos AMS can parse a set of assets from a master account in real-time providing the client with just their data. In NYISO settlements can be trapped within a billing organization. Pharos AMS can parse a specific set of units from that organization creating custom settlements files on the fly. We have relationships with all of the major EMA providers and some with full access to their master accounts to split that data on your behalf.

Data Capture and Warehousing

Pharos AMS eliminates ISO data retention limitations. Want to go back and see what was submitted last month? Most markets do not make that information available much after the fact. Pharos AMS provides your data back to you in its original form, in our rich integrated screens or through an API for use in Microsoft Excel and other applications. We have several clients that use our software as a way to capture their market information for use in their databases.

Already have or want to build your own systems? You can leverage our data capture capabilities and integrate your systems with AMS. We are not competition for internal software development. We help leverage your internal capabilities. Pharos AMS also makes the raw data captured from the markets easily available. If you decide you no longer want our services you have data portability and can take your raw data with you. 

User Management

It is not uncommon for a company to be in multiple markets, then have multiple market participants with multiple credentials for different systems within a market. With Pharos AMS you issue one AMS user account and the user can access everything. Some dashboards merge data accross markets and market participants providing a comprehensive view of everything under management. Users can have various levels of access restricting their access to say just operational information for one market participat and seeing all data for another. We have worked with complex data sharing arrangements during mergers where assets were put in a blind trust preventing some users in parts of an organization from seeing data another employee at the same organization could see. Each user also can manage their own email preferences refining the types of events they want to be notified for and for which portfolios. Pharos has many of the large private equity asset owners as clients and as a result works with all of the major energy managers. It is not uncommon for users to be on our system through multiple clients. Users can be added and removed on the fly.

Off-the-shelf meets customized software

There is only one version of Pharos AMS. It is constantly evolving. As new features are developed, even preliminary features, they are pushed to production for all users to benefit and provide feedbback. Included in our license is development time for feature requests that of general interest, not proprietary and on our time frame. What you get is a software system that grows with the needs of every user and refined to better meet those needs..

Have your own development team? Great they can leverage off of our technology or focus on proprietary coding and capabilities unique to your operations. They do not have to reinvent the wheel in building new features.

By outsourcing to Pharos get a development team with subject matter expertise. There is no need to adjust staffing as your needs or assets under management change. You get the benefits of our experience across all of our clients, all asset types and markets. Since we have access to more data and asset types we can more adequately test and build robust software. A common problem with internal development is it can be sidetracked by other internal projects. With Pharos AMS we are dedicated to asset management software. We are an outsourced development team that behaves like insourced development. What makes us most unique is we are not a software company as much as we are an asset management consulting company whose primary platform is a highly specialized software system. We have more in common with your commercial operations team than we do your IT department. 

If you want to have more customized solutions we can negotiate that on time and materials basis. We try as much as possible to do not do custom work and figure out ways to deliver your custom needs within the software. Sometimes that means leveraging other capailities.

Simplified Pricing

The license is monthly with no implementation fee. Included is an unlimited seat license along with software development. We offer a free trial. There are no long term contracts with a majority of our clients invoiced month to month one month in advance. Most of our clients are private equity who routinely buy and sell power plants and their fee changes as their portfolio changes. The license is designed to be easy to manage and account for. At a high level we charge per station for the market component and if a direct connection to a power plant is required a per connection fee all at a fraction of the cost of an FTE.

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