About Us

Pharos Enterprise Intelligence was founded in 2007 by Carl Liggio and Mike Dalessio to partly to meet the needs of small, typically private equity backed, resource constrained energy companies in deregulated markets. No comprehensive inexpensive off the shelf software for managing power plants existed and companies either decided to hire developers and project managers to build software internally or just get by using very rudimentary tools. Pharos was started to cost effectively meet those needs.

Carl D. Liggio, Jr. Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Carl has a bachelors, masters and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and a Masters in Systems Analysis and Economics for Public Decision Making from the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering also from The Johns Hopkins University. He previously worked for Orion Power Holdings as a pricing and operations strategist, performing quantitative analysis, asset optimization and commercialization. Orion was purchased by Reliant Energy where he was briefly a market analyst. He left Reliant to start Meissa Consulting LLC, a consulting company specializing in operations management consulting. In 2006 he joined US Power Generating Company where he was the Director of Commercial Strategy and Alternative Energy Programs. At the time USPowerGen had no energy management infrastructure in place. Carl was instrumental in building the asset management desk and its business processes. At USPowerGen he was an asset manager for the New York City portfolio, and later supported the asset management desk, analyzing operations, developing and validating bidding and commercial strategies, and developing tools to manage the commercial operations. Carl is the President of the New York Association for Energy Economics.

Carl organizes the Energy 101 series of intersession classes at Johns Hopkins University and co-teaches the introductory course Energy 101 - Introduction to the Business and Policy of the US Energy Industry.

John Weir

Partner - Software Development

Before joining Pharos John worked in a variety of industries as a designer and programmer.  He started his career in the early 1990s as a video game artist for Virgin Games.  He moved on to work as designer for clients including Silicon Graphics, Oracle, and Yahoo.  In 2000 he redesigned and developed the user interface for the International Herald Tribune in Paris.  He has worked on projects for Nike, der Tagesspiegel, the Onion, College Art Associates, and the Bronx Museum.