Pharos Enterprise Intelligence is a software and consulting company focused on the commercial management of power plants. We provide small and resource constrained energy companies with capabilities that only large companies can afford.

Our flagship product, Pharos Asset Management System (AMS), is a hosted web-based application that captures public and private data from the CAISO, NYISO, PJM, ISO-NE, ERCOT and MISO markets and makes it available in real-time via dashboards and automated email alerts.

Pharos AMS provides market intelligence and high level insight into bidding, operations and settlements that makes it easy to share information internally within the commercial operations team and between between energy managers and asset owners. Pharos hosts and manages requiring no IT resources by the client. Implementation is measured in minutes for market acccess and hours to days if a direct connection to a power plant is desire. As such a fully featured trial is available upon request. A Pharos AMS license is typically billed out monthly with unlimited seats and included development time—ensuring a platform that grows with your changing needs. The software is constantly evolving and kept up to date.

Pharos consulting focuses on a variety of commercial management issues. We can assist in developing bid strategies, build commercial operations teams, analyze commercial operations and develop tools and processes to manage your assets efficiently and cost effectively. Pharos has been utilized as an expert consulting witness, to audit the internal operations of an energy companies and assist in the integration of newly acquired power plants into an existing energy management infrastructure.

We do not think of ourselves as a software company. We are an asset management consulting company whose primary platform is a software system. Our software is written by energy managers for energy managers.

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